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The Best in Coffee Vending Machines

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We use Saeco coffee machines with an internal coffee bean grinder to produce a freshly ground coffee for every cup. Our coffee
machines also make an excellent cup of hot chocolate to warm you up.

The full range of drinks produced by each coffee vending machine includes:



long black,


mochaccino (coffee with chocolate) ,

hot chocolate,

soup, tea and more…

Our coffee machines also dispense cups, sugar and stirrers with each beverage, reducing the mess in your common areas.

Our coffee machines can cater for sites doing from 5 to 1000 cups per day.

NEW !!!

Saeco SG200 Coffee Vending Machine

Saeco Group 500 Coffee Vending Machine Saeco Group 700 Coffee Vending Machine
150 Cups 300 Cups 500 Cups

Astro Coffee Vending Machine

1000 Cups

  • Schools
  • Call Centres
  • Hospitals